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assalamualaikum.. asha nk amik ksempatan ni nk wish selamat hari raya..maaf zahir dan batin... yg nk balik kg semua hati2 dijln raya.. bnyk kreta.. ingatlah org yg trsayang :)

anyway, asha just nk remind korang.. x semua bnde ( fashion ) dlm blog asha korang boleh ikut.... so
 ' ambil yang baik buangkan yg buruk ciptakan yg baru'

abaikan ape yg org kate yg nk pakai shawl ni susah.. nk lilit sini nk lilit sana.. padahal boleh siap x smpai 5 mnit pun... pakai tudung bawal lg susah asha rasa.. bnyk pulak maintainancenye.. dah la asha x ske menggosok lg...

anyway.Lets change and make a better tomorrow.. i believe semua org boleh with a willing heart.. goodluck!

love always,

Lets change and make a better tomorrow

something i found while browsing.. 

Hijab in Islam, is basically a “dress code” for Muslim women in public. Many perceive hijab as “traditional” and a form of oppression; but truth is, hijab protects and safeguards women from harassment! The wisdom behind hijab is to minimize sexual enticement and most importantly, it is a form of obedience to our Lord, Allah. Take hijab as your pride, and Insyallah, you will become a better Muslimah.

1. The most basic form of hijab is to cover the whole body, except the hands up to the wrist. Take note that hijab is not only about covering your head with a headscarf, but it’s about covering your body too! A hijab isn’t complete until both requirements (head and body) are covered.

Related verse from the Quran :
… that they (the believing women) should draw veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers…”
 [ An-Nur 24:31 ]

2. A proper hijab requires one to wear loose clothes in order to avoid “showing” those beautiful curves! The Prophet (pbuh) has warned us that women who are dressed yet naked (ie: tight-fitting clothes) will receive harsh punishment in Hell (nauzubillah).

Related hadith :
The Prophet (pbuh) said: “There are two types of peop
le in Hell-fire whom I did not see: People who have with them whips that are like the tails of cow; they strike people with them. And women WHO ARE DRESSED YET NAKED, who are Mumilat (ie: who shake their shoulders when they walk, who draw the attention of those who are looking at them) and Ma’ilat, (ie: they walk in a slanting manner, strutting with a kid on fluidity of motion, so as to attract others)… they will NOT enter Paradise, nor will they smell its fragrance whereas its fragrance would be smelt from such and such distance” [ SahihMuslim, Book 24, Chapter 26 #5310 ]
3. Think that headscarf or long skirt of yours is solid enough? Look again, it might be transparent and people are able to see the shape of your hair bun or legs! Whatever material or fabric you put on yourself; make sure they are not transparent!

4. Ladies, keep your attire or outfit simple and modest! There’s no need to be flashy in order to attract the attention of others! Most importantly, it should be free of anything that may lead to arrogance, self-conceited, pride and riya’. As ladies, we are to display Allah’s blessings upon us in our clothing, but do it without going to the extreme of wastage or extravagance.

Related hadith :
The Prophet (pbuh) said: “He who trailed his garment out of pride, Allah would not look towards him on the Day of Resurrection”
 [ Sahih Muslim, Book 24, Chapter 8 #5195 ] 

5. “Are you a girl… or a boy?” Is the type of question other people shouldn’t be asking when it comes to an individual, and we should avoid it at all costs! Dressing up/ looking as the opposite gender is dangerous to self, as it challenges the pride and it brings confusion to others. So ladies, be proud of your girly self! :)

Related hadith :
The Prophet (pbuh) cursed the man who dresses like a woman and the woman who dresses like a man”
 [ Abu Dawood, 4/86 ] 

6. Why bother dressing up the others (ie: the unbelievers) when you, as a Muslimah, have your own identity to be proud of? By imitating them outwardly, it might lead to imitating them inwardly (beliefs, characteristics). Muslim ladies too, have their own style and fashion to be proud of! :)

Related hadith :
The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Be different from the Mushrikin”
 [ Al-Bukhari, # 4/39 ] 

Till here, will update next time, illaliqa' :)


Sunday, August 21, 2011

L O V E H E R L O O K ( Nur Zaini Azhar )

Nur Zaini Azhar


for sale!! Sony TX5 & Nikon D60

 Sony CyberShot TX5

Sony CyberShot TX5 digital kamera untuk dijual. Kalis air, debu, sejuk dan jatuh dari ketinggian 1.5 meter.

Kamera ni guna CMOS sensor 10.2 megapixels untuk gambar terang walau dalam gelap tanpa flash dan screen sentuh 3.0", boleh rekod HD 720p. 

sbb nk jual nak upgrade.

nak jual rm 750... kalau harga baru camera ni is RM 1499.. belilah.. berbaloi baloi....

nego sampai jadi

0172455120 - asha

Nikon DSLR D60

Nikon D60 key features

  • 10 megapixel DX format CCD (1.5x FOV crop)
  • Nikon EXPEED processing 'concept' (as per D300, D3)
  • 3D Color Matrix Metering II, 420 pixel sensor
  • Multi-CAM530 three area AF sensor
  • New Image sensor cleaning system
  • Eye sensor (turns off LCD display)
  • ISO sensitivity range 100 - 1600 plus HI 1 (3200 equiv.)
  • 3.0 fps continuous shooting*, unlimited in JPEG
  • No status LCD, LCD monitor based status / settings screens (now rotates)
  • Help suggestions on LCD monitor (eg. scene too dark, try using flash)
  • Large 2.5" 230,000 pixel LCD monitor
  • Short shutter lag and viewfinder blackout
  • Support for SDHC (SD cards over 2 GB in capacity)
  • In-camera retouching
    • Quick Retouch
    • D-Lighting (shadow / highlight enhancement)
    • Red-eye reduction
    • Trimming
    • Monochrome
    • Filter effects
    • Small picture
    • Image overlay
    • Raw processing
    • Stop-motion movie
  • USB 2.0 with PTP and Mass Storage device support
  • Very compact, light body
  • Improved menu user interface
  • EN-EL9 Lithium-Ion battery (7.2V, 1000 mAh)
  • New stabilized AF-S DX 18-55 mm kit lens
D60 body + Lense x 1 (18-55mm) + charger + USB + memory card 2G

condition still cun..
sbb nk jual nak upgrade,.

yg ni nak jual RM 1400
nego sampai jadi :)

0172455120 - asha


L O V E H E R L O O K ( Dya Zara )

- D Y A  Z A R A -


Friday, August 19, 2011

too thin not so cool.. ( anorexia Nervosa )

Anorexia nervosa is a complex eating disorder with three key features:
  • refusal to maintain a healthy body weight
  • an intense fear of gaining weight
  • a distorted body image

What is anorexia nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa, commonly referred to simply as anorexia, is one type of eating disorder. More importantly, it is also a psychological disorder. Anorexia is a condition that goes beyond concern about obesity or out-of-control dieting. A person with anorexia often initially begins dieting to lose weight. Over time, the weight loss becomes a sign of mastery and control. The drive to become thinner is actually secondary to concerns about control and/or fears relating to one's body. The individual continues the ongoing cycle of restrictive eating, often accompanied by other behaviors such as excessive exercising or the overuse of diet pills to induceloss of appetite, and/or diuretics, laxatives, or enemas in order to reduce body weight, often to a point close to starvation in order to feel a sense of control over his or her body. This cycle becomes an obsession and, in this way, is similar to an addiction.

What are anorexia symptoms and signs (psychological and behavioral)?

Anorexia can have dangerous psychological and behavioral effects on all aspects of an individual's life and can affect other family members as well.
  • The individual can become seriously underweight, which can lead todepression and social withdrawal.
  • The individual can become irritable and easily upset and have difficulty interacting with others.
  • Sleep can become disrupted and lead tofatigue during the day.
  • Attention and concentration can decrease.
  • Most individuals with anorexia become obsessed with food and thoughts of food. They think about it constantly and become compulsive about eating rituals. They may collect recipes, cut their food into tiny pieces, prepare elaborate calorie-laden meals for other people, or hoard food. Additionally, they may exhibit other obsessions and/or compulsions related to food, weight, or body shape that meet the diagnostic criteria for an obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • Other psychiatric problems are also common in people with anorexia nervosa, including affective (mood) disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders.
  • Generally, individuals with anorexia are compliant in every other aspect of their life except for their relationship with food. Sometimes, they are overly compliant, to the extent that they lack adequate self-perception. They are eager to please and strive for perfection. They usually do well in school and may often overextend themselves in a variety of activities. The families of anorexics often appear to be "perfect." Physical appearances are important to the anorexia sufferer. Performance in other areas is stressed as well, and they are often high achievers in many areas.
  • While control and perfection are critical issues for individuals with anorexia, aspects of their life other than their eating habits are often found to be out of control as well. Many have, or have had at some point in their lives, addictions to alcohol, drugs, or gambling. Compulsions involving sex, exercising, housework, and shopping are not uncommon. In particular, people with anorexia often exercisecompulsively to speed the weight-loss process.
  • Symptoms of anorexia in men tend to co-occur with other psychological problems and more commonly follow a period of being overweight than in women. Men with anorexia also tend to be more likely to have a distorted body image.
  • Compared to symptoms in men, symptoms of anorexia in women tend to more frequently include a general displeasure with their body and a possibly stronger desire to be thin. Women with anorexia also tend to experience more perfectionism and cooperativeness.
Due to the growth and development inherent during childhood and adolescence, symptoms and signs of anorexia in children and teenagers can include a slowing of the natural increase in height or a slowed increase in development of other body functions.
All of these features can negatively affect one's daily activities. Diminished interest in previously preferred activities can result. Some individuals also have symptoms that meet the diagnostic criteria for a major depressive disorder.

dont be like this..
ur beautiful just the way u r..


cat fighttt!!

cat A : u want a piece of me..!!



L O V E H E R L O O K ( Cik Aezan Ashash )

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Thursday, August 18, 2011




Angelina Jolie and kids...

awesome article i found about jolie....

Angelina Jolie travels at warp speed. Since our last interview, nearly three years ago, she’s tracked more than 100,000 air miles, traveling to places as far-flung as Thailand and Chad.She’s partnered with Brad Pitt, who shares her drive to leave a mark on the world. She’s adopted more children, had a baby, started a foundation and made nine movies. And there’s no sign she’s ready for a break.

A regular on “most beautiful” lists, the actress, a UN Goodwill Ambassador and now mother to four children, seems to have left the glamour life far behind. In addition to Maddox (Mad), a Cambodian boy she adopted in 2002, Jolie brought Zahara (Z) home from Ethiopia in 2005. She and Brad had baby daughter Shiloh (Shi) in May 2006.
She adopted Pax from Vietnam this spring. Just nine days after bringing him home, Jolie, 31, took a rare break to talk with RD about her growing family and wanting to make a difference.



L O V E H E R L O O K ( Myra Zainal )

- M Y R A  Z A I N AL -
colourfull... :)