Monday, March 27, 2017

Madina with woodworking

a project we did not too long ago.
madina requested for a toy cabinet n i said why dont u do it urself.not really by herself but with me n her walid.
we precut the materials and she installed them.
she had a lot of fun with this project n she already have an idea for her next project,\.

tap thislook for the video of her project
woodworking with madina

Monday, January 30, 2017


Catwall untuk customer asha from Damansara Utama,
pattern background just cmpliment everything. 
semua bx tu detachable so senang nak cuci
for any inquieries bleh terus whatsapp asha yea.
+6 011 1295 8894

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lishasahar Furniture


heres some video of Lishasahar Furniture.
custom furniture , custom cat cage ( sangkar kucing, rumah kucing), Wall piece.
follow the link below for videos.

Pattern catwall
Wallpiece Making

Sunday, December 18, 2016


been away for far too long..
to keep it short.
now i already have 2 children.
my first born is Zara Madina (3)
and as for my second , a boy Zarulmekka (2)
yup just a 1 year gap.
now both of them are independent for their age.
Mekka if he is hungry he will just go to the kitchen n find food. but of course have to monitor, as he tend to eat uncooked food to!

Well, Ive started my Paragliding Journey back after for such a long break. previously per year, the max i go is only 4-5 flight.
Now every weekend ill crave for flying.

As for my Videography we have change our name to MOVING PICYURE from House of puppet.
our ig is . for any inquieries on our videography services u guys can directly contact me thru whatsapp. u can find our no in the bio of MOVING PICTURE's instagram.

Im not really sure if ive ever shared our woodworking journey here.
we have been doing woodworking for about 3 years now. Self taught.
btw our instagram is
if u guys are interested in customizing furniture, cat house, animals house, customizing featured wall feel free to whatsapp me. my number is in the bio in my profile. our website are currently down,

So yeah, insyaallah ill be updating from time to time if got time.haha


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ezra + Fay ( House of Puppet videography )

Salam korang.
just shrareing our latest job for House of Puppet Videography
the solemnization was held in Bandar Baru Bangi and the reception was held in Dewan Sri Endon Putrajaya.
Alhamdulillah , we received good feedback from our client and the guests.

the solemnization video is a same day edit video.
and this is the solemnization video

for any inquiries dont hesitate to contact us
011 1295 8894 asha
011 1295 8824 apex


Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Zara Madina

setaun dah asha x update blog ye...
been bz since deliver zara...heeee....
asha pn x pnah post lg anything about zara kat blog asha.
my first baby is Zara Madina Bt Zarulaliff.
Zara is going to be 1 year old this 31st March.
how time flies so fast...
This is her day 1

4.1 KG normal delivery...
rasa gagah pulak asha dpat kluarkan zara thru normal delivery..hehe..
just look at her pipi.... rindunya Zara time babyy...

n this is zara thru out her first year..

alhamdulillah for a beautifull baby...
alhamdulillah zara dah mula berjalan..
zara suka buli ummi dia... dia slalu geng dgan walid dia..
xpe ummi redho..

alhamdulillah asha dah pregnant balik for 17 weeks now..
. insy due dlm pertengahan august...
after raya hopefully.. 
pregnant kali ni xda alahan jugak sama dgan time pregnant time Zara.
tapi kli ni asha x kuat mkan mcm time zara..
especially dinne.. kadang2 mkan fries je.. or even buah jeee..
n pregnant kli ni lagi letih dr time zara.. 
maybe sbb Zara lasak sgat kot...
gender tak tau lg..
baby asha ni dua2 shy.. zara smpai beranak x tunjuk...
see how yang ni plak...

this is a video of Zara Madina time newborn... enjoy...

n kalau korang nak video newborn for korang pny baby boleh email
011 1295 8894 asha