Sunday, December 18, 2016


been away for far too long..
to keep it short.
now i already have 2 children.
my first born is Zara Madina (3)
and as for my second , a boy Zarulmekka (2)
yup just a 1 year gap.
now both of them are independent for their age.
Mekka if he is hungry he will just go to the kitchen n find food. but of course have to monitor, as he tend to eat uncooked food to!

Well, Ive started my Paragliding Journey back after for such a long break. previously per year, the max i go is only 4-5 flight.
Now every weekend ill crave for flying.

As for my Videography we have change our name to MOVING PICYURE from House of puppet.
our ig is . for any inquieries on our videography services u guys can directly contact me thru whatsapp. u can find our no in the bio of MOVING PICTURE's instagram.

Im not really sure if ive ever shared our woodworking journey here.
we have been doing woodworking for about 3 years now. Self taught.
btw our instagram is
if u guys are interested in customizing furniture, cat house, animals house, customizing featured wall feel free to whatsapp me. my number is in the bio in my profile. our website are currently down,

So yeah, insyaallah ill be updating from time to time if got time.haha


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