Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tq for evrything..

harini asha dah masuk 22 tahun n lg 5 hri lg will be my first anniversary.. on the 1st may will be going to bali celebrate our 1st annyversary +  my hubby surf trip... a vey big thanx to my hubby for always being there for me n helping me with so many things.. i love u so much.... cant imagine life without u.. x sabarnye nak pegi bali.... hehe...

 i would also like to thank my family esp my mommy n my dad sbb dah besarkan asha dgan jayanye.. i love u guys so much...thnks for the handbeg..hehe...

untuk kawan mawan , sedar mare, adik beradik, sepupu sepapat semuanya lah.. thanx for the wish.. i love u guys toooooo!!


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